The Suzy - Dice Game
The Suzy - Dice Game
The Suzy - Dice Game

The Suzy - Dice Game

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Did you know that there's a 'Leftbrained Suzie'?! She's my fabulous sister-in-law and one of my best friends. She comes by to help me keep myself organized ... that is NOT an easy task. I am like a tornado, moving from one room to the next, making mess after mess. She has helped me to send out hundreds of packages over the last few months. We joke that she's my 'left side' ... but it turns out that she's also a little 'rightbrained'! 
As well as being neat and orderly, -she's also pretty freakin' creative! 

This is a dice game made by Suzie.
Her game idea? The kids (one team red and one team blue) roll the dice. The highest number 'wins' and keeps the difference between the two totals- as points. The dice are jumbo, with wood burned dots and little dabs of blue and red painted corners.
She made little chalk boards and the chalk pieces have little bark keepers! 

How would you use this game? 

Each Set has 

4 jumbo dice - with wood burned dots 

2 burlap bags 

2 chalk boards 

2 pieces of chalk in bark holders 

2 felt 'erasers'