Subitizing Set
Subitizing Set
Subitizing Set

Subitizing Set

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Practice Subitizing with this wood burned dot images disc and stick set. 

10 wood burned numbers 0-9 

10 wood burned sticks (line formation)

10 wood burned discs (rectangular formation) 

6 wood burned discs (abstract formation) 


All items that have been wood burned do have a slight 'camp fire' smell. I apologize for any marshmallow cravings this may cause. 

Warning - Choking Hazard. Contains small parts. This item is not intended for use by children under the age of three. Supervision recommended. 

Say 'no' to crack! Unless, we're talking about wooden branch discs, and then you say 'that's just part of the aging process' ... I do not mean that you will have discs arrive at your door in pieces, I mean that over time, as the discs age, you may notice some cracking.  

These items are handmade. (Like, a mom -sawing and sanding in her kitchen- with two toddlers hanging off her legs, handmade. Glitter in her hair, paint on her forehead and loving every minute of it, handmade.)  I tell you this why? Because I want you to know that I appreciate your business, that you're buying an item made with love and that these items are made to order. Please allow me two weeks to fill and ship your order.  

Also, because these items are handmade, some items will appear slightly different than in the photographs. For example, discs will vary in shape and size, paint may vary slightly in colour, wood burned items may be darker/lighter etc.  So in other words, if you are a super-duper perfectionist and want everything 'just so' ... you may want to consider buying something more factory made. ✌️

Need something special made? Yep! I'll happily customize your order. Please email me at with your request and contact info.